Google Web Store is Open Now....

Chrome Web StoreImage by magerleagues via Flickr
Today, Google's Chrome Web Store is open for business. But wait, right now it is available in US only. Hopefully, it would expend to other countries by early next year. This store helps people to find out useful tools and developers of these application get million of buyers at one place. 

Just now I have checked opt this store and found number of useful tools or applications. Some of them are free and for some of them you have to pay out. 

I have listed here some of the useful tools which available free of cost at Chrome Web Store:
  • Vyew  It helps in sharing information in real-time
  • Manymoon it helps to increase productivity in social network
  • Diary helps you to plan day to day life
  • Wikinvest Portfolio Manager It helps you to track all your investment accounts in real-time 
  • LucidChart helps in online collaborative diagramming
  • Weather Window Beta  it helps you to get the latest local current conditions, forecast etc
  • Weebly help you to create free website, blog or online store. No technical, Hosting free
Note: Few more are coming in this list check out again