Google’s Update: Now Enjoy Body Browser

D'où vient le logo de Google Chrome ?
Google Lab is ready with one more experimental features. The Name of this features is 'Google Body Browser'. It shows the detailed 3d model of human body. It is very useful in medical education. The application is not yet release officially. With the help of this you can explore the human body like you explore street in Google Earth.

However, Body Browser will work only in browser with WebGL support. It might work in upcoming  beta or full version of different browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer etc.

What is WebGL? Click here to know about WebGL

Just now, I have checked Google's Body Browser in Google's Chrome (my chrome's version is 9.0.597.19) and it is working fine. If you want to see Google's Body Browser then update your Google's Chrome browser by click here

If you do not have Google's Chrome then click here to download it from Google's website.

Look at the 3D photo's of Body Browser: