Save Water Bodies in Hyderabad

To reach my work place I have to go via Osman Sagar (a big artificial water lake in Hyderabad, India). I was surprise when first time I have seen ‘Coca Cola Bottling Plant’ near Osman Sagar. No need to say that how much fresh water this plant is taking from Osman Sagar. Not only this, I am sure that this plant is also polluting water of Osman Sagar. How come this plant got permission? And still running....

From last one year I am seeing that dry land area in surrounding of Osman Sagar is increasing day by day. I have also seen number of 'clean and white' stones (normally use for boundary wall) are increasing every month in the dry land of Osman Sagar. From where these stones are coming only God knows!! Remember, stones are clean and white. 

It is really serious matter as Hyderabad has no other source of water. Hyderabad has no river for drinking water. Ground water is less due to rocks. 

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is there but I do not think that responsible authorities are doing anything seriously and honestly to save water bodies in Hyderabad. However, a year ago HMDA constituted Lake Protection Committee (LPC).  But nothing constructive happened till the date. Still all water bodies are shrinking continuously.  

Surly, private water companies, real estates developers and other has eye on water bodies spread in different part of Hyderabad. Just for benefit of few peoples responsible authorities are not doing any thing. 

Today (July 14, 2011) Times of India, Hyderabad edition has come up with an article on water bodies in Hyderabad – Majority of Water Bodies Facing Extinction written by Sudipta Sengupta.  Click here to read this article.