Google's New and Improved Home Page

Today, once again, Google has made some visible changes on its home page. Check out the picture given below.  

You can see some visible changes in top right corner such as, apps button (those 9 dots) with few other changes. Now, you can go to Google Image search (recently undated by Google) by clicking on image. In the same way by clicking of Gmail you can to your Gmail account. Once you click on the apps button  then it will show 9 and more Google apps just visible in picture given below. 
The same apps button also visible in extreme left corner in bookmark bar as visible in picture given below. This button will not appear if you unchecked the menu appear after right clicking (Windows) on bookmarks bar
It might possible that these changes are not visible in your Google home page. No need to worry, hopefully, it will be visible in next few days. 

Let me know your view about these changes in comment space. 

Update I

I am unable to find the link to reopen 'recent closed pages'. In addition to this, Google store link is also missing on this new page. Even blank tab option is also missing..

Update II

Today, On September 5, 2013, Google has stated showing message about New way to find Google product. Look at the top right side in the screenshot given below: